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Women Chiropractors® is a non-profit organization dedicated to joining together women in chiropractic for mutual empowerment. We are an inspiration to one another by sharing knowledge—and sharing of ourselves—with a globally united sisterhood, aimed at helping with technique, human resources, philosophy, and life skills. Through a highly connected and interactive Facebook group, pop-up events, biannual conventions, a re-entry program, CE courses, and much more, Women Chiropractors® is leading the way for women to thrive in the field of chiropractic.



The Hopeful Student

Meet Dr. Jenna. She’s bright, she’s talented, she’s just like you. She wants to make a difference in the world—she wants to help people. Dr. Jenna’s time in Chiropractic College is equipping her to do just that. But what will she do when she graduates? There are so many possibilities, but which will she choose? Getting connected with WDC has allowed her to network with many successful and established Doctors who have given her new insight and guidance on her journey—and may even give her a job.

Current Practitioners

Dr. Sandy has been providing upper cervical care for the last five years. She loves her work, but she feels that she feels like she wants to do more. Should she take on more patients? Should she open a second office? Dr. Sandy’s an excellent chiropractor, but the business side has always been a struggle. A community of like-minded woman chiropractors to bounce ideas off of has been a dream-come-true for her. She’s met a new business partner with a similar vision, and they’re getting ready to open a new office across town.

Experienced Chiros

In her twenty-five years of practicing chiropractic, Dr. Mary has overcome her mistakes, achieved her victories, and overall, gained experience that’s invaluable to other DCs who are looking to provide great care while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Dr. Mary has enjoyed connecting with other women chiropractors through WDC. Not only has she been a tremendous help to others, but she has also gained new perspectives by hearing the touching stories of other women chiropractors and their challenges.

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Behind every talented chiropractor is a support team, ready to give expertise and help when the time comes—welcome to Women Chiropractors®. We are a non-profit organization full of compassionate, confident, and charitable women who are dedicated to uplifting each other.

Join our tightly knit community and share our resources and inner collaboration as you further your own career. Gain access to mentorship opportunities, discounted tickets to all Women Chiropractors® events, and huge discounts from top vendors in the chiropractic industry. You will also have access to our exclusive Facebook page, where information, resources, and collaboration opportunities are abundant. Achieve all your goals—while being backed by an entire non-profit organization dedicated to your success.

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