Be the Hands   May 2017

Distractions are all around us when we are running a practice. From the ringing phones, staff questions, patient concerns, children, worries about life issues – all of these can distract you from the one true reason you are a chiropractor: to heal the patient with your hands. The most effective healers use healing intention.

Healing intention has tremendous power. What is healing intention? It means having your mind where your hands are. It means when you have your healing hands touching a patient, that your mind is focus only on sending positive healing energy to your patient. It means being totally and completely immersed in the one person whom you have on your adjusting table.

It is not the type of adjustment you give. It is not the type of instrument that you use. Healing intention is about giving your patient all of your attention from the time they walk into your adjustment room to when they leave.  This is what delivers the most powerful and effective adjustment that heals the patient. And, it gives you the most reward when you leave the office at night, knowing you gave your all to each person who walked through your doors.

Be the hands. Be the healer. Be where your hands are.