See available scholarships for WDC members below.

Past "Linda Atkinson" Scholarship Winner

"WDC and the Re-entry program was the mentorship I had always been looking for in chiropractic when I needed it the most. They stood behind me providing the base of support I needed so that I could lift myself up at a really challenging time in my life. I am honored to be the first recipient of the Linda Elwart Atkinson Memorial Scholarship. I cannot wait to find ways in which to pay it forward."

-Karen Hudes

karen hudes was the proud winner of the wdc scholarship 2018

Application Criteria:

  • The candidate must be a woman doctor of chiropractic practice for 3+ years and be a Dues Paying member
  • Submit a 100 word minimum, not more than 300 words, essay on "What the Women Chiropractic Community has meant to me"
  • In a separate statement, 300 word maximum, explain how this award will aid you in practice
  • Applications must be received by the Women Chiropractors® (WDC) no later than April 30, 2020 to be considered
How will the WDC assess your essay?

When assessing your essay, the WDC will look for three important characteristics: sincerity, creativity, and the value given to our readers and fellow members. Essays that score high uniquely demonstrate how the women chiropractic community has impacted, benefited, and inspired the writer.

How will we announce the winner?

The winner will be announced on Internation Women Chiropractors Day, June 5th. 

Terms and Conditions:
  • The Amount of this Scholarship is $1000, nonrenewable, given out once a year.
  • By participating, the applicant agrees that Women (WDC) as well as its Facebook pages have exclusive rights to publish the essay & content submitted.

You Will Need:


Full name and address.
Phone number.
Email address.


Chiropractic College name and year of
State, country, and license number.


Provide 2 professional references.
Submit your photo and short bio.


Please send all to:

Use subject line Sponsorship Application Form


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