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Facebook Live Transcript:

Speaker 1: Welcome to Chiro Secure’s Empowering Women in Chiroprac:c. The Facebook

live show for successful women, by successful women, proving once again,

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Now, join today’s host Dr. Julie McLaughlin as she talks learning, living, and

teaching. And now, here’s Dr. Julie.

Dr. McLaughlin: Hello my friends. I am here on Empowering Women Facebook live from Chiro

Secure. Thank you for joining us. I would like you all to give some love, some

likes today for Chiro Secure because they are sponsoring this great content. They

have been doing this week aMer week for us. They have been bringing us the

best of the best in our profession, so let’s give some love, some likes. Today, I

would like you to make comments in the comment box because, you know

what? We really want this informa:on to come out. We want empower more

women in our profession. We want to just bring our whole profession up to the

next level. I am Dr. Julie McLaughlin with Vital Health Protocols where I teach

func:onal medicines to docs. Today, I have a very special guest, one of my good

friends, Dr. Tracy Szemkus. She is going to be teaching us about building a

beau:ful, professional, bankable brand. She has helped me do more than I could

ever even imagine. And so, I’d like you to welcome Dr. Tracy.

Dr. Szemkus: Hey Julie. How are you?

Dr. McLaughlin: I am totally happy to see you. I’m so excited to do this together.

Dr. Szemkus: I am too. This is great. This is great. You’re the perfect example of how your

personal brand has just thrived with your company and puTng it all together.

Dr. McLaughlin: Well, you helped me because when I first started, I just had my logo, and I just

had some content, and you said to me, hey, where’s your picture of you?

Dr. Szemkus: Where are you?

Dr. McLaughlin: I didn’t want anybody to see that. And you’re like, no. You explained it to me

un:l I got. I was like, I don’t want any pictures of myself, but I’ve got to tell you. I

want you to share with everybody what it is that you do and how you were able

to convince me that I should even have pictures of myself, not only in my

branding, but as part of my brand.

Dr. Szemkus: Absolutely. Well, you know what, I see a lot of women do, and I want to focus on

the women today because that’s what this is all about. We want to uplevel the

women in chiroprac:c and their personal brands. What I’ve seen happen and

what was happening with you, I believe, if I can be so bold, Julie, is to say that

you were hiding behind your logo, and you were hiding behind basically this

product that you put in front or yourself, in front of your image, and you let that

shine. The way that branding is changing so much in our modern, visual world is

that everything can be transparent now, like with the internet, with social

media. Everyone wants to see who is behind the brand. Really, you were always

there, I just gave you a liWle boost and made you get yourself out there, get your

picture in front of your brand basically, so you could be the spokesperson.

Dr. Szemkus: I think that’s really, really important to understand is that for so long women in

chiroprac:c, they worked behind the scenes, and they work their tushy off trying

to build a brand with their company, with their clinics, with their team, and it

goes all the way from doctors, to CAs, to support staff, and marke:ng people for

your clinic. Everyone has their own personal brand that represents the company

as a whole. What the public really wants now is to understand who you are and

that just builds trust. The more and more you can put yourself out there like

that, it just builds trust, which you can then build upon there with your business.

Dr. McLaughlin: It is amazing. It’s easier to build rela:onships with people because they know


Dr. Szemkus: Absolutely.

Dr. McLaughlin: They’ve seen you. They’ve known you.

Dr. Szemkus: It’s emo:onal connec:on, is what it is. When we do the types of photography

that we do, we really with outline that we’re going to do today, what it is, it’s the

package. It’s the full package, right? You’re making yourself marketable, but

what it isn’t, it isn’t glamour shots, it isn’t for vanity. It’s for trust and looking as

successful as you are. It’s matching the quality of the content that you put out,

matching the professionalism, polishing it. It’s bringing it all together. I believe

that we did that with your brand. I would love to show some examples because

it’s nice to show, when you can see the examples, it’s nice to put that together

with what we’re trying to discuss here.

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah. Let’s take a look. I’d love to see that.

Dr. Szemkus: Cool. Whenever you are ready, I’ll share this. Can you see that right now?

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah, I can see it.

Dr. Szemkus: Okay, perfect. All right. We’re going to look at professional branding, what it is,

and what it isn’t, and definitely why you need it, and then the components of it,

of course. It’s definitely a buzz word, right? Personal branding is a buzz word

right now, and I think a lot of people are geTng it mixed up with a vanity thing

because personal branding is not necessarily just pictures on Facebook. It is

actually the way that your audience perceives you to be. That’s how we brand

the components of branding.

Dr. Szemkus: I just want to go over it quickly what the four components are. It’s your voice,

what you’re puTng out there, your message, it’s consistency with that. That

almost is one of the most important things because we have to interweave that

into all of the visuals.

Dr. McLaughlin: Right, right. I agree. The post that I did with my images that you did of me had

much greater reach. It had much greater engagement then just photo stock post

or just a generic post.

Dr. Szemkus: It’s almost like night and day, right?

Dr. McLaughlin: A hundred :mes, yeah. It wasn’t liWle, it was huge.

Dr. Szemkus: In 2018, the stock photo is dead, right?

Dr. McLaughlin: Yep, it is.

Dr. Szemkus: I feel like you absolutely need to bring this into your marke:ng strategy.

Definitely what it is, is packaging your exper:se, and it showcases your value,

right? Communicates your credibility, that’s one of the biggest things because

one of the best things that you can do is do a great job in your clinic, but then on

top of that, you need to communicate it to your community. The best way to do

that is through video and photography, and professional video and photography.

Dr. McLaughlin: And, it is a big difference, isn’t it?

Dr. Szemkus: Yes. Exactly. What it won’t do for you is it’s not going to instantly make you

famous, right?

Dr. McLaughlin: Thank goodness.

Dr. Szemkus: Yes. When you put it all together, it’s not changing you. It’s just amplifying what

you are and who you are. The best personal branding is to amplify all of your

uniqueness, like your quirks, the things that, I believe like, ten years ago that you

were trying to hide, and now, it’s like, no, you want to bring out that uniqueness.

Dr. McLaughlin: Right, right.

Dr. Szemkus: It’s not a certain look. It’s your look, and that’s what we do.

Dr. McLaughlin: I know with me, anybody who hears my voice, knows it’s me immediately.

Dr. Szemkus: Yes, you have a very unique voice. And that’s why we did so many videos the last

:me we were together. It’s like you need to keep showcasing who you are and

what your personality is, right?

Dr. Szemkus: And so, why do you need this? You need to leverage it, to design the life that you

want. I truly believe that you can by doing personal branding because you aWract

like-minded people. I know a lot is focused on demographics and who you’re

trying to reach out to, but really when you become more marketable, you aWract

the people that respond to your style, respond to the type of educa:on that you

give in your community. Therefore, it just equals new pa:ents. New pa:ents,

you know, you avoid burnout, right, because you pinpoint the people that you

really enjoy.

Dr. McLaughlin: They resonate with you because they feel like they already know you before

they walk in the door.

Dr. Szemkus: Yes. Exactly. You bring up such a good point because that is one of the best ways

to know if you’ve done a really good job personal branding, is if they feel like

they know you already.

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah. Like, all my pa:ents, they call, and they’re like, oh yeah, I need to see Dr.

Julie. She’s one of my good friends.

Dr. Szemkus: And you’re like, what?

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah. I’m like, oh, I don’t think I know them yet. But, they’re going to be one of

my good friends.

Dr. Szemkus: I love it. I love it. Well, another thing, you already have a personal brand

whether you want it or not because people gather what they see from you

online. If they don’t see enough, they get suspicious. If they see a lot, they’ve

gathered in their mind what they already feel about you, so that is the brand,

right? We have to go forward with inten:ons, right?

Dr. Szemkus: Now, I’m going to skip through because I want to look at some of yours, your


Dr. McLaughlin: See, the pictures are much beWer.

Dr. Szemkus: Oh, my gosh. Don’t even start with me, Julie. All right. These, I feel, are so

authen:c because it really, really brings out your light, right? You have just a

special way of bringing people in and making them feel comfortable. I really

think that we captured this, in your full color.

Dr. McLaughlin: I always have color now.

Dr. Szemkus: We brought out these so to bring out life. I feel like the green in the back is really

the, func:onal medicine is all about bringing you to what is whole, and what is

real, and processed foods, and everything like that is so out, right? So we

wanted to bring a holis:c look to you. We’re not showing video, obviously, but I

think photography is one of the most specific, almost like contrived because we

can really get the shot and the composi:on of the shot with photograph, even

with people that are uncomfortable with video. I feel like it was really good for

you. This is what, like three pictures out of the ten million that we took.

Dr. McLaughlin: Oh, my gosh. She had thousands, thousands. Oh, my gosh.

Dr. Szemkus: I also want to go to this lady, Dr. Nicole.

Dr. McLaughlin: Oh yes, Nicole

Dr. Szemkus: She is also part of Chiro Secure’s hostess. She went through a branding session

and I feel like these are really a good example of how you can bring in props for

your brands with photography just by having her sit down on this bench and

having the MD and DC.

Dr. McLaughlin: That’s so cool.

Dr. Szemkus: That’s what she does. She brings MDs and DCs together and they work together.

The image on the right shows confidence, and shows kind of her boldness, and I

felt like that really brought her out.

Dr. McLaughlin: They’re beau:ful.

Dr. Szemkus: Yeah, I think that this is a true example of credibility, right? When you can put

your professionalism into your images, also with the way that you present

yourself online, it all comes together as polished personal brand.

Dr. McLaughlin: I love it. I love these pictures.

Dr. Szemkus: These two, Dr. Michelle Mesa and Dr. Annie from out of LA, they were at an

event, and I feel like this says, polished and prepared, and confident. I feel like

when you can get in front of the camera and really portray your confidence,

pa:ents and other clientele will look at you and be confident with you because I

feel like they mirror what you put out there. Photography can really show that.

Dr. McLaughlin: It makes you think, oh, I would love to meet these ladies, you know?

Dr. Szemkus: Absolutely. Absolutely. Kimberly Goreham does a lot for the chiroprac:c

profession. She does a lot now with working with disasters and bringing

chiroprac:c to the front of a lot of first responders in areas where natural

disasters hit. She does such a good job with screening. She started off with

having a rock star screening. She has an online product out there. This just

shows professionalism. Also, she shows a lot of personality.

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah, a lot of fun. I love those.

Dr. Szemkus: I know, look at that. Look at these, the way she is has a very, two different sets of

photography here. It just shows her boldness. I love that.

Dr. McLaughlin: That’s really cool.

Dr. Szemkus: She has such a big personality that I thought that these were great examples of

that. This is perfect for chiroprac:c because we bring in the props again.

Dr. McLaughlin: Yeah, I love that.

Dr. Szemkus: Yeah, she wanted to show her screening systems and how you bring in

clipboards, so we just got oversized clipboards just to really exaggerate the

point, also the skeletons, of course.

Dr. McLaughlin: I love that. It’s just so fun. I mean, it’s so pleasing to look at, as opposed to some

stock photo because it’s a real life, it’s a real person, and it’s her brand.

Dr. Szemkus: Yes, it’s perfect, it shows her personality. Absolutely.

Dr. McLaughlin: That is really cool. That is really cool.

Dr. Szemkus: Do you see where a lot of people would just look at these out of context, and

think that it’s superficial, or think that, why do I really need this? When you put

it all together, because we work so hard on the backends of our company and

our brand, that when you put all of these together in a very professional format,

like these are done through a lot of her online courses, and so when you have

these together, this matches what she’s talking about. This matches her

message. This matches her videos. It all comes together for a very polished


Dr. McLaughlin: I love it. I love these. I could look at these pictures all day. They are just

incredible. What you do, and being able to capture people’s brands, and capture

them, and who they are, and show that message is incredible. I think it’s an

important skill that we all need to be aware of because I certainly wasn’t aware

of it before. I have to thank you so much for doing that for and sharing that with

all these other docs that are listening today. I think the message that you have

goWen out is helping move chiroprac:c forward, and it’s helping moving our

brands forward, and it is. We’re going to :p this profession, I have no doubt. I

have been prac:cing 30 years and I know things like this are going help it :p, so I

appreciate you so much.

Dr. Szemkus: It’s exposure. Yes, the exposure alone, for chiroprac:c online, is such a benefit,

right, but, if you can get your brand and your face out there.

Dr. Szemkus: Dr. Lindsay MaWhews has one of the biggest brands in chiroprac:c. She has

BIRTHFIT. This is a great way to show both of your logo for the front-end, the

company, the brand, and her personal brand, bringing it all together. GeTng this

out there to the public facing is so important that I feel, if you can do that inside

your clinic, geTng it into the community, and branding the community as well,

as you see right here. We’re in [inaudible 00:18:42] the pier. That’s her

community. That’s where she prac:ces. That’s where BIRTHFIT started and now

they have over 100 different BIRTHFIT regional managers. I just want to

champion some of these brands in chiroprac:c and these women that are the

pioneers for chiroprac:c to get out there. They have, by far, been the group in

chiroprac:c to really get out there and move the needle.

Dr. McLaughlin: I love it. Well, thank you so much for sharing your beau:ful pictures.

Dr. Szemkus: You’re welcome, Julie.

Dr. McLaughlin: I really appreciate it. I want to thank Chiro Secure for having us today, so

everybody give Chiro Secure some love.

Dr. Szemkus: Thank you so much.

Dr. McLaughlin: Next Thursday at 1:00 eastern :me, Dr. Natalie Beauchamp will be hos:ng a

show. Thank you for joining us and well see you soon.

Dr. Szemkus: Thanks Julie. Bye.

Speaker 1: Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, prac:ce

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