Episode 16- Dr. Jessica Harden, Chiropractic (Her)story

Dr. Jessica Harden’s mission is to leave people better than before she met them. Inspire, reignite passion, encourage people to become their best, and break deep concepts into simple steps.

Women are becoming a stronger and bigger force in business and making big plays in the entrepreneurial scene. More than ever, we need to have community as we strive to have the family and businesses our hearts desire. It takes bravery to break through to this new chapter for women, and we plan to be transparent and specific as to exactly how we have done IT.

Join us as we dive into relevant tactics that have allowed each of us to grow into the greatest version of herself, to create harmony in her life, and to continually refuel her tenacity to accomplish her life purpose.

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We hope you enjoy this elegant and entertaining new podcast show highlight women in chiropractic.

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