Dr. Satya Sardonicus is a teacher, clinician, coach, and professional speaker, and the founder of Little Adjustments chiropractic clinic in Portland, Oregon (her fourth entirely referral-based cash practice), where she specializes in sensory processing, chronic stress, and trauma. She is also the founder of Innate Academy, an innovative postgraduate education company  specialized in supporting healing providers to grow inspired and successful practices through authenticity, resonance, and science-informed artistry. Dr. Sardonicus also serves as an adjunct professor and clinical supervisor for both Palmer College of Chiropractic and the University of Western States, and as a guest lecturer for courses in Pediatrics and Clinical Neurology at the University of Western States. 

A second-generation chiropractor in a family full of holistic care providers , Dr. Sardonicus is actively informed by a passion for neuroscience, biotensegrity + fascia, and a vitalistic philosophy. She was raised with a strong focus on a natural healing and wellness lifestyle grounded in chiropractic, yoga, Buddhist and Native American spirit practices, herbal medicine, organic food, music and art, all of which inform her clinical practice + teaching. 

Balancing a private practice with a growing international teaching program, Dr. Sardonicus boasts a unique perspective of the healing process, and her deeply personal experience with trauma and chronic illness inspired her to innovate treatment strategies and teaching programs that extend beyond traditional chiropractic care . 

She is the creator of Fascial Flow Method, a groundbreaking movement-based personal training program to promote structural and neurological resilience, and NeuroFascial Integration, a professional approach to optimizing patient outcomes regardless of specific technique tools. Her multidisciplinary framework for facilitating therapeutic change has been referred to as a “unified field theory” to provide sustainable, transformative, trauma-informed care across all techniques and modalities.

Above all, Dr. Sardonicus is an innovative thinker, healer, and champion of human potential.

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