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We invite you to become a WDC Sponsoring member at the PRO or Platinum Level!! When you become a member of Women Chiropractors®, you are supporting the organization with your dollars to serve Women D.C.'s. 

Because of membership dollars, we are able to provide resources to Connect Compassionate, Confident, Charitable and Courageous Chiropractors through various avenues.

Our mission is simple but powerful. Helping more Women Chiropractors connect with more leaders in the profession to grow a group of confident, charitable and courageous chiropractors with a path to success.

Your dollars will directly impact:

  • Annual Re-Entry Program
  • Scholarships for Students and Re-Entry Women D.C.’s
  • WDC Virtual Academy
  • Regional Pop Up (CE) Seminars (coming to a state near you)
  • WDC Emergency/Good Samaritan Fund
  • Women Chiropractors ® Discount Vendor Listings
  • Global Chiropractic Awareness Campaign
  • A safe place for Women D.C.'s and students to connect and collaborate.

And you are gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that continue to grow. All paying members have access to:

  • WDC Virtual Academy Members Only Area
  • Discounted Convention Tickets
  • Bonus Seminar Recordings
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events and Luncheons at Convetion
  • Serve at a higher level on a WDC Committee
  • And more..

Get the best information, the best places to go and the best resources for Women Chiropractors.

Connecting compassionate, confident, charitable, courageous Women Chiropractors ®

Women chiropractors connecting and collaborating with more Women Chiropractors. You’re strong. You love to help people. You strive to make the world a better place, and you’re looking for other people to share that dream with. You’re a chiropractor, and you’re a woman.

Just like us, you feel like you’ve had to work twice as hard as others to earn the same amount of respect. There’s been a major balancing act going on in your life as you try and juggle family life and your work as a DC. You’ve tried to ignore the looks from male colleagues as you attended conferences with children in tow. And let’s not forget the challenge of returning to practice when your daughter was old enough to attend school.

We all have our own stories—our own challenges. It’s easy to feel alone like you’re the only one who’s working as hard as you are. But you aren’t. We’re out there, and we’re waiting for you. Just ask Karen Hudes, our most recent recipient of the Linda Elwart Atkinson Memorial Scholarship!

With a WDC membership, you get access to a whole community of like-minded women chiropractors who are eager to share their experiences and support with you. Join in on the laughs, the hugs, and the infinite number of educational opportunities with fellow WDCs. Join us in our collective pursuit of being the best you.


In addition to the direct benefits for becoming a WDC Pro or Platinum member, you are supporting the Women Chiropractors® 5013(c) missions. We are creating an environment to allow more D.C.’s to thrive through student, new graduate and re-entry specific programs to kick start a new chiropractors journey. Connecting more of our women to other women chiropractors as mentors, leaders, teachers and abilities to work further together.

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