: the return of a group of people usually on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home.

Every year, Palmer Homecoming always seems to stir up many emotions for me. Nostalgia, excitement, and hope for the future come to mind as I look back at the incredible time had last week in Davenport. 

Our organization had the opportunity once again to speak to an amazing group of alumni and students all interested in “ What 7700 WDC’s are talking about.” In two short hours, we were able to showcase the platform we host on a daily basis in the classroom. From problem-solving, sharing stories, concerns, facts and current issues we were thrilled to connect with and empower our attendees. 

Dr. Dennis Marchiori presented a powerful message delivering the state of the college address and shared his excitement for the 125th anniversary of chiropractic taking place at Palmer next fall. Women Chiropractors are excited to attend this event next September and show the world chiropractic is making history yet again. 

Following our lecture, Thursday evening we had the pleasure of hosting the Women 3rd Annual Chiropractors Wine & Cheese Event at the Figge Art Museum. The venue, the food, and hospitality were amazing. This event was made more special by the generous support of Vickie Ann Palmer and our own Dr. Nancy Cooper whose donations allowed many of the Palmer students the opportunity to attend. 

What was most exciting was that I became a sorority sister. I joined the Sigma Phi Chi sorority, one of the oldest sororities in chiropractic history. It was my pleasure to be inducted into the sorority by  Glenda Foy DC Supreme Kiatrus and join the many women who continue to inspire women in chiropractic as they did so many years ago. I wish Glenda Foy much health and happiness as she retires and begins the next chapter in her life. 

I look forward to seeing you all at next year’s HISTORIC homecoming where once again I feel like I’m at home again. The Women Chiropractors Organization will continue to support Palmer and is excited to see what the Palmer 125th Celebration committee is planning for all chiropractors. 

Until next time,

Dr. Cyndy Shaft-Toll

Founder, Women Chiropractors ®