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The Women Chiropractors ® (WDC) Free Group Membership provides access to resources made possible by the Pro and Platinum paying members and our organization’s generous Sponsors and Donors.

  • WDC Virtual Academy- Students/New Graduate, ReEntry and Established D.C.’s
  • Women Chiropractors ® Discount Vendor Listings
  • Regional Pop Up (CE) Seminars
  • Annual Re-Entry Program

Having a portal of our members also gives us a backup place to gather members should something unfortunate happen with the closed, private Facebook group. We have all seen the news and have seen groups be shut down for little to no reason. We wanted to get ahead of the game should Facebook deem our group as “violating it’s community standards” and like others have experienced, shut us down with no warning. We can create a forum here on the site for all to still access.

This is just the beginning phases of what’s to come. We have more resources in the works and will continue to build and grow for the success of all Women Chiropractors.

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