WDC Platinum Membership

$97.00 / month

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Direct Benefits to the WDC Platinum Member:

  • Because of your membership, Women Chiropractors is able to offer ongoing resources to all members to Connect compassionate, confident, charitable and confident chiropractors. This includes the WDC Virtual Academy, Re-Entry Program, Discount Vendor Listings, and Regional Pop Up Seminars.
  • Access to all portals in the WDC Virtual Academy, including a Platinum area for WDC’s that are ready to step up their game. That could mean hitting a certain level financially, adding another office location, ready to franchise, add a product/service, become a leader in the profession, speak and teach, sell your practice and so much more
  • Access to the Exclusive Pro Facebook group AND an exclusive Platinum Members Only group with some next-level speaker and mentorship opportunities available
  • Host an Accountability group for a group of WDC Pro Members
  • Opportunities to host a class or breakout session at Regional Event and/or Convention
  • Fee waived to have a Mini-Course inside the WDC Virtual Academy
  • Invite to Quarterly WDC Leadership Roundtable Discussions
  • Platinum Only Exclusive Event
  • Platinum Only Exclusive Luncheon at the convention
  • Charitable Collaboration Opportunities
  • Listed on the WDC Website as a Platinum Supporting Member of the Women Chiropractors


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