Women Chiropractors is a nonprofit organization aimed at serving women in the field of chiropractic. At the heart of all of our missions and all that we do, is to help women chiropractors succeed. With that, we are gearing up to launch our fifth Re-Entry class, a six-month course geared toward women who are struggling and seeking to re-enter chiropractic or refine their skills.
Are you or anyone that you know struggling in your practice, lost of hope or direction, had a life change that has made you leave practice, or just need help getting your feet on the ground and learning where to begin again? This program is for you.
(Applications are closed for the 2022 class, but we encourage you to remain connected to our community in our memberships and our Facebook pages, and check back for applications for the next class in the fall of 2022.)

Through this program, you will gain:

Community and Support

In our Re-Entry program, you will be given access to a community and a sisterhood of like-minded women, who understand what it feels like to be in the trenches. This community will be your classmates, your accountability group, and eventually, your sisterhood of support as you progress through this program and beyond.

Tools for Growth

Through this program, you will be mentored by some of WDC's Platinum and Board members, and some of the most successful women docs we know! - each with a unique perspective, many having been where you are, and have gems to impart to help you learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Continual Mentorship

You will be given access to our Re-Entry Facebook group and website page where you will connect with your community in your class, as well as many of our Re-Entry mentors to ask questions, have conversations, and continue supporting one another throughout the week.

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