Sponsor Announcements from Jane App

You asked Jane answered. Take a look at 2 powerful new features loved by our Chiropractic Community. We hope you enjoy them too! 

Smart Charting 

Jane’s newest charting tools are here to save your fingers some precious time! 

Smart Options & Narrative is a powerful chart part that allows you to seamlessly create a charting narrative by selecting from a list of custom Smart Options. 

Phrases allow you to create a set of sentences or short phrases to auto-populate by using a hotkey in a chart entry. You could create shortcuts for your most commonly used exercise prescriptions, billing codes, symptoms, assessments, areas of treatment, medications…the options are endless! 

And if your fingers feel a bit fumble-y… no problem. Dictate your chart notes into Jane’s Note Box chart parts, and watch Jane accurately translate your voice into plain text! 

We hope these features can help you significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a chart entry. 


This has been one of Jane’s most anticipated features. You got it — Packages have arrived!  

Your clinic will now be able to set up punchcard-like offers where your clients can pay upfront for a predetermined number of chiropractic sessions. Jane will help facilitate any discounts offered, keep track of the number of package uses redeemed, as well as shed some light on how these packages are performing through a couple of new reports. 

Let’s not stop there. Jane has so much to offer, to name a few: 

  • Store & charge credit cards 
  • Text & email reminders Included 
  • Free data import 
  • Quick and customizable charting 
  • Built-in, secure one-on-one telehealth 
  • Friendly support & training Included 

● One simple, monthly rate – no setup fees, no contract & so much more! New to Jane? Book a live screen share Demo to see these features in action!

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