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Be a light to the world of women chiropractors by providing new educational opportunities, raising awareness for our unique issues, and increasing solidarity amongst the WDC community!

Your generous support is what allows WDC to be a sanctuary and an educational pillar to women chiropractors in all stages of their personal and professional lives.

To the right are the sponsor levels for the 2019 Women Chiropractors® Not-for-Profit, which will extend to our 2020 Convention “What’s Your Vision?” This is where we bring together women chiropractors, students, and experienced leaders to discuss and address the distinctive challenges we face in our daily lives.

We would greatly appreciate your sponsorship, which will help us develop new ways to give back and connect you more with our WDC members.

$250- Discount Vendor Listing
  • Company and custom link listed in the WDC Members Portal Area Only.
  • Access to the Private WDC Pro Facebook Group
$1,000- Regional Event Booth
  • Discount Vender Listing
  • Access to the Private WDC Pro Facebook Group
  • Booth at a WDC Regional Event
  • Included in all marketing leading up to and at the Regional Event.
$5,000 - Bronze Level
  • 2020 Convention Vendor Booth
  • Listed on convention site and materials
  • Discount vendor listing
$10,000- Silver Level
  • Bronze Level +
  • One podcast commercial
  • Materials sent to one regional event
$15,000- Gold Level
  • Silver Level +
  • One Monthly Roundtable Live event in Free Group Sponsored by your Company
  • Name Prominent on Convention Materials
  • 2 podcast commercial slots
  • 2 Blog opportunities
$20,000- Platinum Level
  • Gold Level +
  • Branding inside each of the member programs
  • Co-Sponsor of One Regional Event
$30,000- Exclusive WDC Sponsor
  • Platinum Level +
  • Branding on all website pages and all email footers
  • Premiere booth location at main event and all regional events
  • Speaking at Main event and One Regional Event

WDC Sponsor Request Application

To serve as a sponsor for the Women Chiropractors® organization, please complete the application to the right and submit. We will be in contact with you soon.


With warmest regards,

Women Chiropractors



Women Chiropractors®

501(3)c  EIN: 82-0989283


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