WDC Year in Review 2019

The Women Chiropractors nonprofit organization will open a new book in 2020. Its pages are blank. Together with our hard-working board, staff, membership and generous sponsors, we will write an incredible story. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter begins New Years Day. As we embark on a new decade, we can’t help but reflect on the road it took to get here and looking forward to history being made this year as we all celebrate 125 years of chiropractic. 

When we first started Women Chiropractors in 2017 we called this our “idea/vision stage.” This stage we were inspired to do more for women in chiropractic. With the help of our sponsors and colleagues, in the beginning, we were able to create energy, enthusiasm and the support needed to move forward. We chose June 5 as International Women Chiropractors Day to celebrate all women in chiropractic in honor of Mabel Heath Palmer’s birthday. We were on our way to fulfill an unmet need in our community. 

Last year, 2018, was our “planning stage,” where we began to grow and focus on our mission to connect, compassionate, confident, charitable and courageous women in chiropractic across the globe to educate them, inspire them to achieve their goals and find their own success. An example of this was made as we hosted the first Women Chiropractors Convention and successfully brought 200+ women chiropractors together. Last year focused on creating the foundations for success and working hard building the framework for our organization to move ahead. 

This past year 2019, was our busiest year ever. This was our  “implementation stage”, the year we put our goals into action and continued the momentum from the planning stage. We hosted our second Re-entry Program helping a group of women return/enter into the profession after an extended leave from practice and those struggling to stay in the profession. Dr. Amy Crowe was granted the second annual, Linda Atkinson D.C.  Memorial Scholarship on the 2nd Annual “International Women Chiropractors Day,” June 5th, 2019.. Our podcast, The Chiropractic Herstory has become popular among our profession showcasing women in chiropractic internationally. The WDC Virtual Academy, open to all women in chiropractic on our website, has a variety of courses and learning materials from clinical sciences to business to personal development. It has fast become a great resource to women just graduating, re-entering, established in practice and those looking for exit strategies.  This past fall, we hosted One Day Regional Pop-Up seminars in three locations: Ohio, Indiana & Canada. These monthly pop-ups were made possible by our generous sponsors as well as our platinum members who graciously give to make these events a success. Much gratitude to Footlevers who supported our mission and became a corporate sponsor giving us $100,000 to make programs like these pop-ups possible. We are grateful to all the State Associations and Palmer College of Chiropractic for providing up to six continuing education credits at each event. 

As we embark on 2020, we find ourselves in the “growth” stage of the organization. Creating more content, trust and growing our membership. With the incredible support of our platinum members, sponsors, and state associations we have 10 single-day, pop-up seminars scheduled for 2020. We are in the final planning stages of our 2nd Women Chiropractors Convention that will be held on May 1-3, 2020 in Clearwater, Florida. We are blessed by the continued support of our past sponsors and grateful to the new sponsors who believe in our mission. From the array of speakers covering the topics most asked for by women chiropractors. to the celebrations, and the hand-selected sponsors.  We’ve added additional details to this year’s convention which will bring our commitment to excellence, education, and empowerment to a whole new level. As we continue to support women in all aspects of chiropractic from students, to research, to business owners who consult, publish books, create programs, to educators and to those in chiropractic politics we are proud to say we are “women chiropractors.” 

Moving forward we encourage all those interested in becoming members, sponsors or supporters to visit our website womenchiropractors.org  or email wdc@womenchiropractors.org for more information. We can’t do this without you. Helen Keller once said, “alone we can only do so little, together we can do so much.”

We hope 2020 brings you all great health, happiness, and success.

 May this holiday season bring you peace & joy.


The Board of Women Chiropractors

Cyndy Shaft Toll, D.C.

Donna Craft Godin, D.C.

Nancy Cooper D.C.

Rosemary Batanjski D.C.

Karen Hudes, D.C.